“Erica Risberg of Shared Context Consultants, LLC greatly assisted us in finding and securing key historical documentation useful in continuing legal matters, from the National Archives in Seattle and San Francisco as well as a variety of state repositories. Her aid and skills were crucial in several projects focused on environmental and land use history.” – Mike Reis, Vice President, History Associates

“I write in enthusiastic support of the Interactive Oregon Trail – Barlow Road website for consideration for the Oregon Heritage Excellence Award.

The website is very attractive, well organized, fun and easy for students and researchers to use. Notably, it includes audio files that help provide website accessibility to people with visual impairments. The National Park Service is proud to support this quality project. – Aaron Mahr Superintendent, National Park Service, National Trails lnter-mountain Region

“I write in support of the Interactive Oregon Trail – Barlow Road Website that has recently been completed and is available on line. I am a performing artist-educator based in Lincoln, NE. I have been performing and leading residencies/workshops that focus on the Oregon Trail Experience since 1985. Although my programs are accessible to all ages, I particularly target students in grades 3-5 to complement Nebraska history social studies benchmarks.

As part of my ongoing work, I access primary sources and do field research. I have retraced much of the Nebraska leg of the Trail and have accessed many primary sources available to me here. I have now begun expanding the reach of my research. Most recently, I traveled to Oregon to deepen my understanding of the final leg of the journey. I retraced Barlow Road and spent time at the Oregon Historical Society, accessing primary sources. Although the quality of the materials I have found over the years has been outstanding, I have yet to find any resource that provides educators and students as comprehensive, engaging, and user-friendly experience as the Barlow Road Website. The innovative approach that provides panoramic views, historical pictures, and relevant audio-journal entries is unmatched. As I revise my program as a result of my most recent research, the Barlow Road Website will be-an integral part of the ”end of ‘the trail” experience for all participants. The website is an excellent tool that I will ·use and leave behind to allow learning to continue long after I have completed a residency.

I highly recommend that the Barlow Road Website receive all possible support and recognition possible. It is a treasure that should be experienced by all who wish to learn more about the Oregon Trail and Oregon history.”– Donna Gunn, teacher

“Dr. Risberg is an exceptional person.  She is smart, listens, collaborative, and tireless in her commitment to develop working solutions to complex problems on any subject.” – Stephen D. Spain, VP Hydroelectric Services, HDR, Inc.

“Erica is an enthusiastic and dedicated worker. She works collaboratively with cultural agencies to create projects that foster communication and community outreach. While in Maine, she worked with Maine Public Broadcasting on the radio series and created oral history audio context for the “At Home in Maine” exhibit at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.” – Pauleena MacDougall, Director, Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine