Erica has spent the past five years working with the Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council to help them develop ways to preserve and promote the 16 historic trails of Oregon. Her most recent project with them was a website:, which used voiceovers of dairy excerpts, panoramic shots of 10 sites along the Barlow Road, and historical context and photos. She has also teamed with Next Exit History to provide content for their mobile app. It is listed under the backpack “Barlow Road” and can is accessible through both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Shared Context Consultants believes that technologies such as, will help to engage a generation of people who would rather hear or watch relevant information than read it. Beyond this demographic, mobile technologies provide new applications for storytelling. Information presented in this format can help tell the story behind exhibits or historic trails and make history relevant to all.

So far, in this century, story-telling has become a lost art. Shared Context Consultants will help you use technology to re-ignite that critical aspect of connecting people with stories.