Erica has more than a decade of experience working in sound preservation, as a radio series producer and as a voiceover talent. Today, we have the opportunity to hear stories that were told 100 years ago from the mouths of those who lived them. Society has changed drastically since the start of the 20th century, and audio archives are a powerful way to experience and feel life as it used to be.

Shared Context Consultants offers the following audio services:

Record Audio Files: Any transcript, diary or other written historical document can be brought to life with recorded narration. Erica draws on her own talents as well as those of trusted colleagues to find the right voice for each particular bit of history.

Erica works with transcripts to produce audio excerpts and historical reenactment scripts. She has an excellent ear for finding the right voice for the script, and has produced audio documentaries and short films.


Strategic Planning

“Erica is an enthusiastic and dedicated worker. She works collaboratively with cultural agencies to create projects that foster communication and community outreach. While in Maine, she worked with Maine Public Broadcasting on the radio series and created oral history audio context for the “At Home in Maine” exhibit at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.”
–Pauleena MacDougall, Director, Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine.

Whatever your goals — increasing funding, finding new audiences or just surviving in this tough economic climate—a strong strategic plan will give heritage organizations and cultural centers the forward thinking, creative path they need to succeed.

Shared Context Consultants has the perfect balance of expertise to facilitate a thoughtful and inventive strategic planning initiative that caters specifically to the needs of heritage organizations. President Erica Risberg is an historical consultant, and this experience offers her a unique understanding of the issues facing museums and the extraordinary opportunities available to them.

For most heritage organizations, decreased government funding, lower attendance and higher competition for grants and business donations is a new reality, and most respond to this by tightening budgets, cutting programs and reducing costs in any way possible. Erica encourages her clients to seek an alternative solution: consider the opportunities that will become available through collaboration, community connection, technology and strategic thinking.

Shared Context Consultants believes that heritage organizations continue to be culturally significant and relevant for a wide demographic of people. We will help your organization determine the underlying issues that are getting in your way and strategies to help connect you with your potential audience. We understand your limited budgets and staff capacity, and we can offer means of reaching your goals that are affordable and easy to implement. Let’s work together to spark the imagination of a whole new audience, engage the community and keep your doors open for decades to come.


Audio Tours

For traditional audio tours or working with Next Exit History, Shared Context Consultants writes and records heritage organization tours. Erica’s focus is to work closely with the organizations to find out the most unique and exciting points of interest and then to create a regionally specific, exciting and engaging tour. She then can turn the transcript into a professional quality recording.

Erica has extensive experience as a voiceover talent. To learn more about her voiceover work, check out her business,