Shared Context Consultants, LLC specializes in storytelling and creating context for websites and mobile apps for heritage and cultural organizations. Erica Risberg, Ph.D. is a cultural historian with a background in research, audio production and voiceovers, and uses her skills to create stories that help organizations stay relevant in the digital age.

Erica’s reason for SCC is based on her understanding of the cultural shifts over the past 5 years in American culture. “A big challenge facing heritage and cultural organizations is giving people a reason – and a means – to connect. The world has changed, and traditional means of story-telling are just not enough to connect with the under 30 crowd. I do what I do because I believe technology can provide the means we need to help our stories reach new audiences. Websites and mobile apps offer a format that is engaging and interesting to a wide audience and offers a means to reconnect and tell stories in the language the younger crowd is speaking.”

To that end, Erica has worked with heritage and cultural organizations to see how to make their sites and stories come to life using technology.